WeMos module pinout vs. Arduino

Update: We have the WeMos D1 (Revision 1) and NOT as I first thought the D1 R2! After Installing the “WeMos drivers” into the Arduino IDE –> follow these instructions: http://www.wemos.cc/tutorial/get-started-arduino.html  I’ve tried the blink sketch. It took quite a long … Continue reading

Teachers report P53 Winter 2015

9701-chemistry-p53-winter-2015-v1 I haven’t given you this paper yet, but I’m uploading the Teachers report in advance while I have the time. Not looked at the mark scheme for this paper either (same as variant P51)

CH340 drivers

Update  5-May-2007         If you’re having trouble installing the CH340 drivers, Connect your arduous up, via the USB cable.     Press WIN+X.     Select Device manager.     Under the Ports category,     it will show the unrecognized USB device. Right click the unrecognized device.        Choose … Continue reading