Guidelines – a soft way of saying “rules” ;

OK. If you ask a question…

a) Include your own/current understanding of the point to be discussed.

b) If other KYUEM teachers wish to use this blog, then it will be important to state who your question/comment is addressed to (otherwise expect delay in response, while a teacher decides to take it upon themselves to reply).

c) Include the part of the syllabus you are asking about – do not put spaces
in your reference, then tag the syllabus year on at the end. for example:

Dear kychem. I have a question for Mr Allan regarding Learning Outcome from Equilibria 7(n)(ii)2015.
I understand that pH depends on [H+] and that (HCO3)- can absorb a H+, lowering [H+] and hence increasing the pH, but how then can (HCO3)- be used to decrease blood pH? P.S. I don’t take biology. By the way, I’d like to belanja you with a Nasi Lemak 😀

The reference 7(n)(ii)2015 will make it very easy (for all) to search for point specific information/questions using the search box. You may be surprised at how often students have the same (or very similar) enquiries.

d) Please make an effort to post questions/comments in the appropriate place.

e) Keep discussion polite. Part of being polite is to state (where applicable) whether or not you are a KYUEM student.

f) Priority will always be given to reply to KYUEM students, but doubtless we will try and help anyone sincerely asking for help.

g) Do not expect private answers etc. This blog is for all, so discussions etc should all be done on the blog in public.

h) Exactly how a teacher deals with their students on this blog is entirely up to them. Some teachers may not wish to use this blog.

g) Any other rule that I’ve forgotten will be enforced when I remember what they are.

h) Teachers are under NO obligation to entertain any student on this blog. Each teacher has their own personal preferences for discussing with students, so it is entirely up to them how/if a teacher uses this blog.

i) You don’t have to belanja with Nasi Lemak.


The ‘guidelines’ are stated to facilitate the productivity/efficiency of the blog.

May you find it useful.


Michael Allan (blog admin)


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