17.5) Stonez56 Colorwheel (colourwheel) HC-05 Bluetooth and Android App to control a common anode RGB LED


Updated again (Sat 5th Aug 2017):
Here’s a suggestion on how to build the LED part of the circuit on the breadboard…

Stonez56's BT control RGB Led sircuit.jpg
The red, green and blue wires go to the pins you defined in the code. I think the red line goes to pin 13 on the arduino, while green is 5 and blue is 6.

What powers the breadboard rail isn’t shown on the diagram. You can run a wire (I suggest yellow colour) from the arduino’s 5V output pin onto the +’ve power rail on the breadboard. (the diagram does show a different yellow wire from the power rail into the LED)

There is no “black” wire going to the ground rail on the breadboard because that’s what the R,G and B lines do – the arduino grounds that pin, hence, power from the 5V rail flows into the LED and whatever colour pin is grounded, the power will flow into that coloured line to ground.


The circuit for connecting the arduino to the BT molule is shown below, BUT FIRST, PLEASE REMEMBER, in this project, the TX (pin 12) on the Arduino pumps out the data at 5V. You need to step this voltage down to 3.3V or you will probably damage the BT module. Use to voltage divider method.

Arduino to Bluetooth for Stonex56 colorwheel RBG LED control via android - jpg

Now to address the problem of getting the code for this project…

To get the code for this project, download this doc file:
Stonex56 colorwheel code
Open it up in a TEXT editor (like notepad), then copy the code into the Arduino IDE.

Download the file. Change the doc file type into a “.ino” file. Then open the Arduino IDE and use the File, Open (search for the file) then open the “.ino” file.

This needs to be done because if at any stage code is pasted into a “smart” text program, like word or unto blogging software, then characters such as quote marks ” ” get automatically changed into some non-standard ‘font type’ which when then pasted into other peoples arduino IDE’s, causes an error verifying and compiling the program. The IDE doesn’t recognize the altered symbols like ‘smart quotes’ and doesn’t change it back to standard font text.


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