WeMos module pinout vs. Arduino

Update: We have the WeMos D1 (Revision 1) and NOT as I first thought the D1 R2!

After Installing the “WeMos drivers” into the Arduino IDE –> follow these instructions: http://www.wemos.cc/tutorial/get-started-arduino.html  I’ve tried the blink sketch. It took quite a long time to load, but did so eventually…

wemos D1R1 pinout.jpg

You can define names to various pins (As u can do for Arduino boards, which often useful (can re-use the code in all new later sketches). . See here: https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/blob/master/variants/d1_mini/pins_arduino.h#L49-L61  << WARNING. That may be only applicable for the D1 R2 (I don’t actually know)

MAke sure in the Arduino IDE you chose WeMos D1 (retired) from the boards selector (in the Arduino IDE itself).


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