Bidirectional 5V to 3.3V converter module and ESP8266 to replace Arduino?

As you know we will be using WeMos boards which resemble an Arduino (Uno) but are built based on ESP8266 module. The price, processor power (its 80MHz allows simple low colour video) and flash memory seem superior to that of the Arduino also, so I think soon it (and other variations of ESP8266 v12 and beyond) will take the crown from the Arduino Uno.

Code libraries for the ESP8266 is still very few compared to the loads for the Arduiono code so Arduino will hold onto the crown for a bit longer.

Anyway, the ESP8266 that the WeMos board is built around uses 3.3V input. But many sensors pump out 5V signals. So I’ve got some Automatic logic level shifting modules that sit in-between a sensor and the WeMos, so they can pass signals back and forth no problem.

Here’s a pic of one from sparkfun… (it’s only a 2 channel converter, I have 4 channel converters 4 you)


Remind me to give you one. I will try and solder it for you, so now you can use any 5V sensor with the  ESP8266 or a 3.3V sensor direct to the ESP8266.




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