CH340 drivers

Update  31-July-2017       

Hi. Sorry folks but it may just be that these files are only for windows 32 and 64 bit versions, i.e. no MAc and no LINUX – users of which will probably have to Google for drvers.  Get them from the manufacturer here: Thanks very much to Tom Heylen ( at ) for saving me more episodes of searching Google for these drivers and have many references turn out dodgy or dead.  

If you’re having trouble installing the CH340 drivers, Connect your arduous up, via the USB cable.     Press WIN+X.     Select Device manager.     Under the Ports category,     it will show the unrecognized USB device. Right click the unrecognized device.        Choose “Update Driver Software…”        Choose the “Browse my computer for driver software”  option to manually go to the folder there you unzipped / Extracted the CH340 (or CH341 downloaded driver) file. Click on the ‘root’ CH340 file and then OK. The computer should scan the files in that folder and find the appropriate folder. If not then choose the ‘root’ folder and repeat the search. If it still doesn’t work, try downloading a different driver source and then repeat the whole procedure. The one I have is called “CH341SER” and is 199kB.



OLD redundant stuff (left here as it may be useful to me later):

14-Sept-2016.  The makers of the WeMos (Arduino like ESP8266’s) provide the CH340g driver: (now apparently called the CH341 driver) for Windows, Mac and info about Linus driver too. “Browse my computer for driver software”

I don’t trust many .exe files (usually in the megabyte size region!!) claiming to contain the drivers. To me drivers should be small files in the kilobyte range, so I trust the one on Github: (click on the “Clone or Download button” If that doesn’t work then you can e-mail me and I’ll send you a copy.)


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