Mind Maps

I tried whatsapp-ing the class groups but too many have ‘documents’ disabled settings, so I’ll put them here on the blog instead. Please look through them. Some mind-maps are just the brainstorming writings. I don’t have time to sort them out.


pdf format:

Fri 25-MAr-16: B4 – MMap – Electrochem – LEFT HAND SIDE – CPR gp

Fri 25-MAr-16: B4 – MMap – Electrochem – RIGHT HAND SIDE – CPR gp

MMap – N and S

MMap – Gp II Nitrates and Carbonates

B1 MMap Gp poss Brainstorming Faiz

MMap – Gp2 – poss brainstorming

MMap – Kinetics

MMap – Acid Base

B1 – MMap – Faiz gp – Tmetals

MMap – Equilibria – inc ionic equilibria

MMap – TMetal phys props

MMap – N and S poss Brainstorming

MMap – Period 3 – poss brainstorming

B5 – MMap – Electrochem

B5 MMap – T-Element

B5 MMap – Entropy

B5 MMap – N and S

B5 – MMap – Gp2

B5 – MMap – more FGI

B5 MMap Arenes

MMap – Equilibria

B4 – MMap – N and S

B5 – MMap – FGI – Law May et al

B4 – MMap – Kinetics – CPR, Azizan, Dong, Mitrrah

B5 – MMap – Benzene Alyson Ezzaty Haemish

MMap – Enthalpy definitions

MMap – Kinetics – CPR gp

MMap – Gp2 – high colour table

MMap – Enthalpy Entropy high colour

MMap – T-Metals bottom part

MMap – T-Metals top part

MMap Enthalpy Definitions

B1 – MMap – Acid-Base Kasthuri gp

B1 – MMap – Tmeals – Faiz gp- Crab


One thought on “Mind Maps

  1. Some of your mind maps have no names associated with them
    Please feel free to tell me the names of who made what mind map, and I’ll make them appear after the links. Tq


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