Ultrasonic radar updated by its creator, Dejan Nedelkovski.

Dejan Nedelkovski, who created the great http://howtomechatronics.com/ website, kindly gave us the fabulous and exciting ultrasound rader project.

There was just a couple of bugs in it however, but now he’s updated everything!! 🙂 and coded a smart ‘resize’ function in the “processing” code which works with smaller screen sizes like common laptops (you can see from his video’s that Dejan has a monster sized screen! lol). Much better than my ‘fix’ where I hard coded size values by hand to get it displayed on small screens. (I didn’t have the mental stamina at the time to use a function).

So please go HERE ( http://howtomechatronics.com/projects/arduino-radar-project/) and try to get it working. Do read it through a couple of times before jumping straight in. It’ll probably save you some avoidable errors.


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