Spectroscopy workthrough1

IR, Mass spec, 1H NMR only (no 13C)


  • Consider and assign significant peaks in IR and MS
  • If a peak causes you to get stuck or slows you down, then leave it and come back to it later if need be.
  • For 1H NMR’ you’ll probably have to assign most if not all of the peaks as the number of peaks will be small. Look for
    a) # of H environments
    b) position of the H containing group (what type of environment the H is on -> what type of group touches the C-H {either directly on that C or adjacent to the C-H}
    c) the relative # of H. This is a whole number ratio. You mayt need to multiply it up.
    d) the splitting. Tell you how many adjacent H’s are next to this C-H group.
  • ALCOHOL and CARBOXYLIC ACIDS OH’s do no split, nor do they cause splitting.
  • Aldehydes H have low (but slightly variable coupling constants – depending on environment) hence they often don’t split or cause splitting…. but occasionally you do see their splitting.

Spectroscopy workthrough1 7Nov’15


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