Thought-sharing about the physical universe.

To me, particle-wave duality is complete nonsense.
There are no fundamental ‘particles’. There cannot be. A fundamental particle is self contradictory. But there are waves, localised waves, waves whose amplitude is a noticeable increase from a (near)’zero state’ in a localised area, but whose wave ‘tails’ never actually end and therefore span the universe. This local ‘noticeable’ wave has the ‘appearance’ of particles. What we have done is constantly mischaracterise/misunderstood/misrepresented the properties of waves ascribing macroworld perceptions illegitimately to the world of wave mechanics.

Actually, I no longer see waves – plural, but WAVE – a single universal interconnected wave which resonates in different modes, the mode along a section of the wave, manifests as different ‘regions’ of space, and it’s specific frequency or mode of vibration giving rise to the /properties/ of that region of space. i.e. certain modes give ‘proton-ness’ which is just a higher mode of vibration (probably a whole number mathematical product) of fundamental prime-number-like frequencies of the elementary particles.

We can also have ‘atomic’ modes of vibration, whereby the mathematical product of fundamental ‘particle’ frequencies which gave ‘proton-ness’ is multiplied by the vibration mode of the fundamental electron. If we ionise an atom, we have supplied energy to ‘remove’ the electron. What has happened is the energy supplied has simply altered the mode of vibration of the atom to nullify/compensate for the ‘electron’ vibration that was previously present, so the ‘electron’ disappears. That energy supplied came from other parts of the universal wave which will then be divided somewhere by one electron vibration, but is cancelled out by the electron that was ionised from the atom in supplying the energy. Energy is conserved.

What then of the entropy and that for every process entropy increases? I propose entropy is explained in the redistribution/re-allocation of energy (and hence vibrational modes of the vave) in terms of the single universal wave, as spreading out the amplitude of the vibrational mode (stretching the localised ‘noticeable’ wave) out. This could be connected to the ‘expansion of the universe’ the perturbments of the wave from a near zero state become noticeable and so the ‘boundary’ of space seems to grow – the universe seems to expand.

I wish I had the mathematical ability to probe these conceptual and integrated view. It all seems to fit so well.

Waves (non discrete phenomenon) also give rise to probability.

That the phenomenon of resonance occurs also indicates strongly (at least to me it does) the one-wave like nature of the physical universe.

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