Giving the Arduino a mobile/portable LED screen

Arduino’s are great, but they aren’t very ‘informative’ – i.e., If not connected to the computer, they can’t use Serial Monitor to send data for you to see, so generally the Arduino doesn’t really let you know what is is doing, or prompt you to do something like press a button, adjust a potentiometer or input some data etc.

So, I got some LCD screens for us to increase the functionality of the Arduino 🙂  I’ll give you one in the next meeting.

LCD for Arduino

“000Plasma000 gives a great tutorial on this little thing

I ordered the blue ones 🙂 which are pretty and easier to read.

The video may may be a bit “heavy”, given your ‘still quite new’ learner status. But when you get the ‘hands on’ then I’m sure you get most of what he says and does.

If you want an alternative tutorial, you might also like to try some of the other sources too. The pic above came from this video by “Lets Makeit” : which is a lot slower pace than 000Plasma000’s.

Jeremy Blum also has one:

as does Lonnie Honeycutt: (video is a bit dark).

There are other tutorials.

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