Next step (soon)…. Servo’s and smartphones

I already gave you a schematic to control a servo with a pot. See here: When we are all pretty confident with this and we are familiar with controlling things with bluetooth (BT) See here:  then we will use our smartphones to control the servo.

After that, we will try to create/assemble a robot car using modified servos. This requires modifying the mini servo’s as they are primarily designed to just rotate by some limiting angle. See here: << cool!

I have purchased some simple camera’s, with the aim of eventually getting a mobile robot car to send pictures real-time using a smartphone.   :)))))  Although the camera and arduino looks like it will be quite a challenge – but that’s part of the fun.


One thought on “Next step (soon)…. Servo’s and smartphones

  1. Oh dear:
    “Some micro servos have a “half pie” shaped final gear that allows the servo case to be very compact but also means that they cannot be modified for continuous rotation. Source:

    So maybe we can’t modify the mini-servos. Oh well.

    Maybe we’ll just stick with a DC motor and perhaps a servo for any other additional thing like steering – although using H-bridge [See: (which we can make later, or use the modules I have] should allow bidirectional control similar to what Ghostrider showed in his video.


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