Dynamic, real-time live data logging using an arduino and Excel VBA on Windows 8.1 (64 bit), RS232 Serial communications

Dear all…

Finally, after what must be hundreds of failed attempts spanning a number of years, I have achieved this satisfying goal. It was proving to be impossible until I stumbled across http://www.scomm32.com/index.html. My deepest thanks to them.

Excel 2007, Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Arduino Uno R3, Arduino IDE 1.6.5, USB port (acting as serial port).

Yes, it’s very rough. but the important thing is, it actually, finally, really does work. (but does give some strange data until things settle down)

Document: Dynamic data logging arduino, RS232 serial vba Excel word 2003 format

Spreadsheet:  Scomm32 WORKING – apart from the date – Copy   <<< When you download this, you must change the extension back to xlsm, or the macro’s and activeX wont work. There’s a chance you may also need to have SComm32.ocx installed on your PC, but I think it embeds itself into the spreadsheet. I had to rename it with an “.xls” extension as sadly, WordPress doesn’t like files with .xlsm extensions :s



Data logging, data acquisition, dynamic data feeding, arduino, RS232 Serial communications, Com 2, MSComm32.ocx, SComm32.ocx, Serial port, Windows 8.1 (64 bit), MS Office 2007, Excel 2007, VBA, Visual Basic for Applications, analog input, USB port


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