Computational Chemistry home page

In the spirit of learning and the internet, the following resources can be used by anyone.
However, please do the proper thing and attribute to “Michael Allan, Teacher of Chemistry, Kolej Yayasan UEM, Malaysia”

1) Using Excel to draw graphs.
Key contents: Kinetics. Integrated rate equation. Curve fitting. Visual Basic for Applications (VBP) programming of dynamic controls to make graphs move. Spin Button, Scroll Bar. Applied to conc vs. time reaction data to reveal 1st or 2nd order kinetics.

Files: Students and teachers brief 18 june 2015 – c and Teachers and Students extension mod

“Students and teachers brief 18 June 2015 – c” is a document. It takes you through how to go about this exercise. BUT IT”S STILL NOT COMPLETE. I does include a maths section taking you through how to achieve the exercise.

“Teachers and Students extension mod.xls” file is actually and xlsm file, but WP wouldn’t allow me to upload xlsm, so I simply changed it’s extension to xls and then uploaded it. So when you open it, Excel may throw up some kind of error message. Just ignore it and open the file. If that still doesn’t work (it should though) then maybe download the file and manually change the extension back to it’s original xlsm type. Then open the file. I would really recommend you ONLY open the spreadsheet once you’ve finished the exercise. You won’t learn as well simply by looking at my spreadsheet instead of doing all the procedures yourself according to the instructions in the document.


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