Last year in KYUEM and 1 year at Uni & “last minute-ism”

Dear Students.
I must say this… the day before a test or exam, the ‘hits’ for this site spike dramatically. While a number of you work consistently and so forth, the stats suggest many of you have, in some capacity, been leaving things to the last minute.

I really advise you to abandon this habit. Now is an excellent time to do so given that your next hurdle is now in the distance.

You probably already know this but…

Last minute behavior It is simply a recipe for much MUCH deeper stress in the future – esp. when personal responsibilities become a lot more serious and academically, when it comes to acquisition of knowledge/material that is of more challenging degree, and therefore increases the chance of under-performance / failure significantly. Why do this to yourself grief?

Of course sometimes things work out to be “last minute jobs” but I am not talking about them, rather the occasions where you could have avoided these things becoming “last minute-isms”.

Please do make an effort to be more consistent in your work. Virtually ALL the top students I know have managed to get on top of this issue in a personal sense. Even when you go overseas or finish your last year here in KY, your PRIME RESPONSIBILITY – the one which somebody is paying out a LOT OF MONEY FOR – is to advance in your studies / chosen field for your benefit and for the benefit of the country (utterly applicable to sponsored students). Please live up to that responsibility.


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