End of practicals for the academic year 2014-2015

Alhamdulillah / Praise be to God.

The practicals are over! and If I was you, I’d be as pleased as punch. That paper must have been one of the easier paper 3’s in recent history. Easier perhaps than the earlier paper 33 almost 4 week ago.

It is quite amazing at how ‘stressed’ students got in the build up to this paper. Was it (as I suspect) because you hadn’t really done’ “learning based” practicals, but rather only practicals that were designed for testing assessment exercises? I do hope you give some feedback on this because it could benefit the next crop of students.

Please any suggestions……

So, only one paper to go. Paper 1. I personally have never managed to score 40/40 on any of these papers the first time I ever did them. I apply the standard paper 1 timed conditions when I do do them. (even when I make my lunch in the middle of it). the reason is to put me under time stress to induce errors to understand what type of errors students may fall into.

The biggest thing I find is it’s simply that students do not a) read b) understand the question properly. So all I can do is advise that you try and pay particular attention to the question and underline (freehand) key points of the question.

You yourself will have noticed some of your weaknesses from your past revision. Be conscious of those and what nasty little traps were set before you.

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