My 2015 Summer paper 52 prediction

I’ve had some feedback on the paper that took place today. Thanks to you all for conversing. Seems like my predictions as to which topic was likely didn’t emerge.

From what I’ve heard (I am not allowed to see the paper until tomorrow) it seems like there was NO kinetics on it at all and it didn’t ask about practical procedures/methodology. That there was no kinetics is astounding. Topic 8 is a major part of the syllabus. No real transition metals question either – topic 9.5 is also quite long. So it seems it was was largely a theoretical based paper, and rather repetitive of paper 4. I am stunned!! But such is the nature of predictions…. and the nature of CIE – who have demonstrated a very peculiar attitude to assessing their own stated learning requirements and in fact degrading the relevance of their own syllabus. But I suppose you could say CIE is never boring 😉 there’s always a surprise lurking somewhere.

Q1 about electrolysis and Q2 about buffers and calculations (thank you Kah Sheng).

After the trial I stated that the Nov 2015 papers were noticeably different from the previous past years and this summer 2015 seems to also be different. It does add to my thoughts that a new team is preparing these papers, and to be honest, From what I’ve seen so far ,I do think they are easier, less (frustratingly) “masked” as to what they are looking for, less sneaky terrible traps, which is good for students.

Maybe you strongly disagree with my, but that’s what my experience has lead me to believe about CIE chem so far. I welcome the reduction in things that don’t actually assess chemistry but your ‘mind reading powers’ of the examiner.

Well I’m sure all the equilibria prep you did for paper 4 came in handy for this paper. Wishing you all the best in August.

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