Done (#1)

By now, my first ever CIE based A-level students will have finished all their A-level chemistry (block 2*)

I only took block 2 for the last year (they all got A’s at AS level with pn. Umi teaching them in their first year 🙂 and I have become very proud of them for the good efforts they have put in. Once again I am fortunate that I have a class of students that have pretty much over the course of the year, studied very well and managed to ‘knowledge capture’ and understand a good and solid foundation of a crucial aspect of our physical realm and existence.

I know many of them will not continue formally in the field of chemistry in their careers, but I hope they will see things over their lifetimes in terms of the chemistry they learned which underlies it all.

They may be a bit ‘quizzical’ about this, but I was probably as nervous as they were before taking their exams, and now I’ll be nervous waiting for their results.

Oh the wait…. about 3 months.


*  There is one other student, Candice kam, in block 6 but the rest of block 6 have paper 34 left to do on 2nd June. enjoy the ending of ‘chemistry stress’ from here on.


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