Paper 22 and predictions for paper 1, with some predictions for paper 4

I have just seen the paper. It looks quite straightforward and no nasty surprises.

I note the lack of equilibrium calcs, i.e. Kc and Kp based questions,
so I guess paper 4 will feature them heavily (and for paper 4 I also expect Ka and Ksp to appear somewhere. I guess, a detailed Ka question will pop up and Ksp will appear on paper 5, but THAT’S A COMPLETE GUESS. I MAY BE TOTALLY WRONG, however, to me it seems like a very reasonable guess) , and some questions about it in paper 1, e.g. identify the correct Kc expression or find the answer to a Kp question.

Also missing are:

Lack of any detailed kinetics questions. Expect detailed kinetics in paper 4 or a kinetics based experiment in paper 5.  for paper 1 expect things asking about Ea and the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution.

Lack of electron structure stuff. Expect a a few q’s about this paper 1 (probably ‘tricky Q’s) and a bit in paper 4 – particularly for the e- config. of d-block ions.

Lack of Group 7 chemistry!!! (I predict it’ll appear in paper 1)

Near total lack of intermolecular forces and shapes of molecules (v.v.v. likely to spring up in paper 1)

Practically zero stuff about group 2 (trends, reactions, decompositions/equations), so expect them in paper 1.

Like i said, my ‘predictions’ may turn out to be meaningless, but if I was a CIE examiner, I’d certainly ‘fill the gaps’ with the “left out” chemistry, putting them in the other paper.

Wishing you all well…

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