Books for CIE 2016 syllabus

Message from the head of the RC…

“RC will be organising a one day mini book sale for CIE Science subject (Chemistry, Bio, Physics) tomorrow (8/1/2015) inside the Resource Centre from 9.00a.m. – 5.00p.m.

I was told by the supplier just now that they are giving us student rate – RM179.00/book (market price is RM210.00).”

I would insist that Junior students (august 2014 intake) buy this book. For my 18 monthers (block 6) and seniors (block 2) I would still recommend you buy it because much of it will be still relevant to you and give you another source of questions. I do not know if the book comes with answers. I guess they would be available somewhere.

It is expensive, but maybe seniors and 18 monthers can make an agreement with the juniors to sell the book to them after this summers exams. that way both of you will get into a win-win situation.


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