The programmers are here!!! Yippee!!

Finally, the microcontroller programmer (hardware) have arrived from India. As is often the case customs savaged the parcel but it looks like no problem has occured. So next time we meet I will will give you a programmer each for eack kit and you can begin to program the AT89C2051 to your hearts content.

I know we’ve not had any programming lessons yet, but once again, you can actually learn all you need to from the manual. The CD contains the assembly file (“.asm”) and you use a compiler such as TASM (Also on the CD) to convert it into a “.hex” file which you then dump into the microcontroller via the programmer (hardware). Then you put your uC into the electronic circuit you designed and it should start to do what you told it (assuming you’ve not made any errors of course – and errors are common in the early stages).

I have loads of capacitors and resistors. If you lose some, want replacements or need more then just ask. I will treat them as consumable (items to a certain level!). If you need other componets like diodes jumpers, again just ask.

Remember the AT89C2051 is a 8051 compatible IC. The 8051 was (I think) for years the standard and most popular microcontroller (I think it’s now become the ATmega328?) and it is still hugely popular. So .asm programs for the popular 8051 usually work in the AT89C2051. This is great as there are many many 8051 based projects out there, e.g. Eventually I hope you will be building your own projects based on the ideas you get.

A also have some analogue to digital converters, the ADC0804 . These are used to take a signal from a sensor and transform it into a digital value which the computer can record and analyse. Very useful. I’ll be adding one of those to the kids too 🙂

So, get yourself to make progress through the manual.

Till next time…

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