5(c)2015 – Full discussion of a calorimetry question

A question was asked by Pei Rong about Q8 of the Calorimetry Questions.

I decided to give a FULL answer so that it may be useful to everyone. It’s in a word document (old 2003 version – for those like me that are ‘set in their ways’)

Pei Rong, you may want to skip to the end page.

HNO3 Ba(OH)2 neutralisation Q


Dec 12th 2014:
Questions: Thermodynamics Q’s with first part of answers
ANSWERS: Thermodyanamics – with answers (pdf)


7 thoughts on “5(c)2015 – Full discussion of a calorimetry question

  1. I’m not in KY right now and my portable hard drive that KY gave me only a few weeks ago, has died and gone to silcion heaven 😦 😦 so I’m not sure where to find the answers. If I find a copy then I’ll post it here.


  2. I may go to KY next weekend. I’ll have a look for it then. Until that time, you (and anyone else) can SMS me you’re e-mail address and I’ll e-mail you a thermodynamics document packed full of Q’s with answers !!! for you to practice on. I tried uploading it here, but it’s 5Mb and wordpress rejected me uploading it three times already.


  3. Sent you my email address through ky’s email, maybe you can upload the files in the ky’s email. Have a nice holiday sir! =D


  4. Aaah. The problem was my internet connection wasn’t good enough. I’m in a different place today and it’s OK, so I uploaded the files for you.
    Hope you enjoy the ‘extended study period’ too 🙂


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