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28) HC-05 Bluetooth full document (21-1-2018)
OK. This post replaces and combines the other three broken/scattered’bit-posts’ on this subject, to make it easier to do the project. LINK:   https://wordpress.com/post/kychem.wordpress.com/1741


27) CH340 or CH341 Drivers
For many Arduino clones they will have a CH340 or CH341 chip which is used for serial communications via the USB port. These drivers do not come with Windows. Click the following link:  https://kychem.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/ch340-drivers/. {Note: These drivers are also used on boards like ESP8266 WeMos boards –> An ESP8266 v12 in an Arduino style design}. 

26) KYchem ESP8266 Wifi module page
Quick note: ESP8266 is current hungry. You MUST have a good power supply to ensure good operation. I advise an LM1117 3.3voltage regulator with caps. Note: the pinout of this regulator is different from the pinout of the 5V regulator you have. Note ends. This page is introduces the ESP8266, with 3.3V power and RX (receive data) warning!!!. It talks about flashing and NodeMCU (a firmware that lets you use “Lua” programming language) and has links etc.(The page was last updated today 14th Sept 2014. https://kychem.wordpress.com/2016/06/11/kychem-esp8266-wifi-module-page/ (This stub was pub 11th June 2016)


25) LM386 based amplification
We had a first look at amplification using the LM386 IC operational amplifier. Mixed results in the session, but this is quite common when lack of experience is an issue. Anyway, here’s the URL to the page (contains some basic info on what an op-amp is) :  https://kychem.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/lm386-based-amplification/ (Pub 21st March 2016)

24) Tasks
List of tasks to begin/build upon the skills of making your own devices. This assumes prior knowledge already gained in class – look back throughout the various posts on the ‘Electronics Home Page’ for reference should you have forgotten. Click https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/tasks/ to go to that page.
(Last updated 26 Nov 2015)

23) Amps / op-amps
I think we should learn about these babies. We’ll take some time in the next couple of classes to look at them before we do the Tasks. Click on the URL to go to the ‘amps / op-amps’ page is https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/amps-op-amps/
(Pub 26 Nov 2015)

21)  Ultrasound Radar – Getting it working
UPDATE: 10/Jan/2016. Originator of the project has updated things; See here: https://kychem.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/ultrasonic-radar-updated-by-its-creator-dejan-nedelkovski/. End of update.
In class we didn’t have quite enough time to get it to work. Copy and paste the code here to make it work. Adjust/check your COM ports and check Servo sensor pin (I use pin 9 for an Arduino UNO – the ones that you have). Click https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/ultrasound-radar/
to go to that page.
(Pub 23 Nov 2015)

20)  This post is Sensored!
(resource to use LCD in conjunction with ultrasonic distance sensor) https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/this-post-is-sensored/
(Pub 20 Oct 2015)

19)  Getting familiar with Ardudriod app (Android) and pointer to making your own apps
(Are – Due – Driod) https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/getting-familiar-with-ardudriod-app-android-and-pointer-to-making-your-own-apps/
(Pub 24 Sept 2015)

18)  Giving the Arduino a mobile/portable LED screen
(Pub 24 Sept 2015)

17.5)  21-1-2018 UPDATE: Now refer to number  28) HC-05 Bluetooth full document instead.   dated 21-1-2018. . LINK:   https://wordpress.com/post/kychem.wordpress.com/1741

Old: Stonez56’s Colorwheel (colourwheel) HC-05 Bluetooth (BT) and Android app to control a common anode RGB LED
(Pub 31 July 2017)

17)  Programming the Bluetooth module HC-05 using AT commands.
(Pub 18 Sept 2015)

16)  The HC-SR04 ultra sonic distance sensor
(Posted to 18 Sept 2015)

15)  Next step (soon)…. Servo’s and smartphones
(Pub 30 Aug 2015)

14)  21-1-2018 UPDATE: Now refer to number  28) HC-05 Bluetooth full document instead.   dated 21-1-2018. . LINK:   https://wordpress.com/post/kychem.wordpress.com/1741

Old: Setting up a HC-05 Bluetooth module with Arduino to control an RGB LED
(Pub 29 Aug 2015)

13)  555 timer – the hunt for good PWM – updated
(Pub 25 Aug 2015)

12) Dynamic, real-time live data logging using an arduino and Excel VBA on Windows 8.1 (64 bit), RS232 Serial communications.
(Pub 11 July 2015)

11) Robotics….. Controlling a servo motor with a potentiometer.
(Pub.24 June 2015)

10) Arduino and 433MHz radio frequency transmission ‘talking’
https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/arduino-and-433mhz-radio-frequency-transmission-talking/ (Pub.22 June 2015)

9) Live data logging, Arduino, Excel and serial communications. Link: https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/live-data-logging-arduino-excel-and-serial-communications/ (links to Roberto’s page)  (Pub. 19 June 2015)

8) The Bluetooth modules are on the way :):):) Link: https://kychem.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/bluetooth-modules-on-the-way/ (Pub 31 May 2015)

7) GreatScott! electronics videos (Pub: 19 March 2015, but moved back to date 8 Oct 2014 to stop the main kychem page from being really slow at loading the series of YouTube ‘snapshots’)

6) Getting to know transistors (11 Nov 2014)

5) The programmers are here!!! Yippee!! (6 Nov 2014)

4) Cancelled Electronics class Monday 3rd Nov 2014

3) Electronics meet-up #2, Monday 27th October 8:00, CL4.

2) VLC screen recording with invisible mouse problem fix 🙂

1) https://kychem.wordpress.com/2004/10/07/ky-electronics-intro-post1/ and http://www.hobbyprojects.com/microcontroller_tutorials.html etc.
Comments: UPDATE (13-Oct-2014): NOW UPLOADED –> Contains a copy of the FULL manual (7th Oct 2014 edition)


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