Never an easier time to succeed in your education.

I truly believe that EVERYONE* is capable of succeeding in getting excellent top grades in education. Never before have so many excellent resources and ways of learning been made easily available. Books are plentiful, diverse, colourful and well planned for readability and accessibility, plus they are cheap (and can be re-sold to juniors!). And now we have the new phenomenon of internet videos plus other scientific educational resources. Every topic can be understood.

Then all you have to do is do practice questions, followed by more practice questions, followed by even more practice questions. If success at academic education can be put down to one thing, it’s doing questions that is THE key to success.

The video sites below are suggested to help you with the first stage…. accumulating knowledge and understanding plus other skills (practical, deductive etc) to enable you to answer those questions.

Please, if you know of any other great videos or have comments on these video’s etc, then feel free to contribute. The videos are linked on the side menu bar.

* Yet not everyone does get excellent results. If you don’t it’s probably because of one of these factors:

  • Ones own ‘inner demons’
  • traumatic events in your life
  • disturbing social/economic factors.

But even if these one or more of these factors are present in your life, you STILL have the ability to succeed to the greatest academic standard, but you need to find the trick or ability (or help) to manage to side-step (if you can) the disturbing elements to let your potential become reality. You CAN do it. Best wishes.


4 thoughts on “Never an easier time to succeed in your education.

    • Hi Azfar.
      I have answers for ALL the worksheets 🙂
      You’ll can see a hard copy of the answers from Monday onwards.

      Some of my senior students have spotted a couple of mistakes on the A2 based worksheets. I’ve not checked them yet – AS or A2 – 😦
      In general however, mistakes on AS papers are more rare than on A2.


      • Assalamualaikum and hello sir. May I know how much does the 2015 syllabus differ from the new syllabus. Like the percentage or any quantity should help (: thank you in advance


      • Waalaikumassalam.
        The best thing is to be aware of the learning requirments from the “new” 2016 syllabus, Get a soft copy here: The new or changed content is indicated by a black line on the RHS of the page. But of course it doesn’t mention the bits that were cut out (they are no longer of any relevance, so that’s OK). The ‘raw’ learning requitment starts on page 17-48 in the manual numbering system or page 19-48 in the pdf software.

        I may have another document somewhere mentioning the changes, but I think it’s at KY and I’m not there at the moment. The syllabus will still be the best source of info for you.

        P.S. don’t just read the ‘raw’ learning requirments. Also read the bits about paper 5 and so on.


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