Welcome :)

Assalamualaikum / Peace be upon you KYUEM students.

I’ve just established the blog. I will be arranging it over the next week (or so). I am not sure what ‘theme/appearance’ to choose for it.

As you’ll be the end-users of this blog, I’d value your suggestions (<– with reasons why) as to appearance and content. Just let me know in the comments to this post. Tq.

One thing I will STRONGLY suggest you do – in fact I may insist on it 🙂 – is that when you ask a question, then make sure you spend a little time stating your understanding of the topic/concept/etc that you as asking. This will be very useful to the teachers and you.

General links:

The “data-book” info that you will need for papers 1,2 and 4 can be found at the back of the syllabus.


One thought on “Welcome :)

  1. A few links vs a long page.

    I could just put a single page of ALL topics within a syllabus for you to find what sub-topic you are interested in, BUT if that topic is near the bottom of the page, it’ll take a LOT of scrolling (as you doubtless know there are many sub-topics, but granted you could use the scroll bar), OR I could put a architectural series of pages, each page containing a link to do ‘deeper’ into the syllabus – which might take about 3 or 4 link-clicks to find your topic.

    Which is worse, potentially large amounts of scrolling or needing to do a about 3 or 4 link clicks?

    Any preferences?


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