I am NOT answering Q’s on whatsapp anymore. It’s far too time consuming for me to type replies out on my crappy drunk spell-checking handphone. You can ask here though: https://kychem.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/no-questions-on-whatsapp-please/

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Paper 2.3 (summer 2013)

Updated 30th April 2017 Q5.   General simple info: Allyl group is a terminal alkene group. i.e. a  =CH2 group. Of course they must appear at the end of a chain. They have some unique properties, hence a separate name is … Continue reading

Paper 2.3 (winter 2012)

Updated: 30 April 2017 Q4.  Answer for molecule G should be based upon realisation that under those conditions, KMnO4 / H+ / heat under reflux, would facilitate oxidative cleavage of that alkene. Just for reference, cold dilute KMnO4 (neutral or … Continue reading

No Questions on Whatsapp please.

I will no longer answer Q’s on whatsapp. Replying on my phone takes too much time. Ask questions here. I will answer them on this blog. Pleease identify yourself, so I can focus on KYUEM students.