I am NOT answering Q’s on whatsapp anymore. It’s far too time consuming for me to type replies out on my crappy drunk spell-checking handphone. You can ask here though (for the 2018 exam session): https://kychem.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/qa-for-summer-2018-exams/

or here (archive): https://kychem.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/no-questions-on-whatsapp-please/

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Q+A for Summer 2018 exams

Ask Questions/query here. STATE YOUR NAME (so I can rightly focus on my own students first) and whats app me to say you’ve left a question/query. I simply cannot answer over whatsapp anymore.

HC-05 Bluetooth full document

Techbitar kindly gives a good tutorial on how to program(customize) the HC-05 Bluetooth (“BT”) module using what are called”AT commands“. In this post I’m going to put simple modifications on what he did, so that the BT module will not … Continue reading

Equilibrium workshop 17-Jan-2018

Powerpoint : Equilibria Workshop 17-Jan-2018 -14-08pm “Explained answer” to Q33: q33 Intervention Class Schedule: (Revision lectures) and break-out classes: CHEMISTRY INTERVENSION CLASS list 2018